Improve yourself by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  Each individual’s handwriting is unique.  A personal profile will give you a greater insight into your personality.  Knowing yourself better can assist you in becoming more successful personally and professionally.  



Compatibility is the basis of all personal relationships.  Questions such as:  Are the two of you sexually and intellectually compatible?  Do you have the same long-term goals?  Would this person be your ideal mate. lover, and friend?


Family Profiles point out traits that may be causing problems within the family unit.  Are you unable to understand your child no matter how hard you try?  Would you like to better understand your husband, wife, parents, or children?  Is there a family member who is extremely sensitive?  An understanding of each family member’s personality will allow for more tolerance and the ability to solve problems in a positive manner.  Sometimes it helps to walk a mile in another’s shoes.


Use profiles to build that perfect ream.  Who is the office troublemaker?  Should an employee be supervised at all times or is he/she honest?  Will a job applicant get along well with the present personnel?  Does your prospective or present employee have the goal setting skills to get things done?  Is the prospective employee able to work without constant supervision?  Going into business with someone else?  Do you have the same short and long-term goal setting ability as your prospective partner?



A profile of a deceased family member or friend.  A way to get to know that family member that could not be a part of  your life.  A profile of a family member or friend to share with children when they grow up.  The fascinating thing about a individual’s handwriting is that the writing is that individual’s personality “frozen in time”.   No matter how long ago the writing was committed to paper, the personality will show through until the writing is no longer legible.