Welcome to the The Written Truth

My name is Terry Deck.  I am an Advanced Certified Handwriting Analyst, Certified Forensic Handwriting Analyst, and Questioned Document Examiner.  I am a mentor to my handwriting students, and a student to my mentor (Karen Fisher-Weinberg, Questioned Document Examiner).  I love learning and growing, but what I love most is getting to know others.

I became a Certified Handwriting Analyst in 2001 and an Advanced Certified Handwriting Analyst in 2003.  I learned more about myself through analyzing my own handwriting than I had in all my previous life.  I have also used grapho-therapy to change negative traits to positive ones.  It has been an amazing and ongoing journey and one I will treasure forever.

What I love most is analyzing the writing of others.  After doing an analysis, I have had people tell me that I know them better than their family.  Why?  Because handwriting is brain writing.  The brain tells an individual how to form letters on a blank piece of paper.  Next time you see someone’s handwriting, look to see which direction the writing slants, how much pressure is used, how the “t” bar is crossed, and how wide the margins are.  Each of these characteristics in the writing allows the handwriting analyst a glimpse of the personality of the writer.  It is like being a Sherlock Holmes of personality.  I can’t go past a piece of handwriting without analyzing it.

I meet people from all walks of life: teachers, students, husbands, wives, children, brick-layers, surgeons, real estate agents, etc.  You know what they all have in common?  They all have their own unique personality and every one of them expresses that personality through their handwriting.

I have done handwriting profiles for people who wanted to know more about deceased family members.  It is like having a personality portrait of a person you have never known but with whom you feel a kinship that can never be formed in life.  I learned more about my own father through his handwriting after he died than I ever knew about him when he was alive.  Fascinating?  You bet.

I have seen handwriting that frightened me more than a little and handwriting that made me want to really know a person because that person was so honest and kind.

Who am I?  I am a person who is unique and my handwriting shows those who know how to analyze it the truth of who I am.

For inquiries or comments, please contact me at:  Inquiry@ForensicHandwritingAnalysisCenter.com call (865) 518-9383.

Handwriting Analysis is a scientific and reliable tool to assist in building success in personal and professional life.