What is Handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting is a science based on research, observation, and experiment.  Camillo Baldo who was an author and professor of medicine and psychology at Bologne University wrote the first book on handwriting analysis in 1662.  In 99 A.D. a Roman historian Suetonius made a study of Emperor Augustus’ personality from his handwriting, and after thirty years of study and work, two French priests, Abbe Flandrin and his student, Abbe Gene Hyppolyte Michon founded a system of traits based on handwriting.  Michon published a book in 1872 establishing some basic rules for determining specific characteristics.

Others that studied handwriting included: Lord Beaconsfield, Robert Browning and his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Elizabeth Browning wrote a book on handwriting called, ‘Dark Words on White Paper Bare the Soul’.  Benjamin Franklin styled his handwriting by changing his handwriting to reflect the handwriting of people whom he revered.  During the nineteenth century handwriting analysis was accepted as a psychological testing device in Europe.  An outstanding Swiss psychiatrist, Max Pulver, introduced the importance of unconscious drives in handwriting.

In 1915, M.N. Bunker began his studies in handwriting and formed the American Graphoanalysis Society.  This school and organization has become one of the top schools in the nation.  In addition, K.K. Golson, Ph.D., has developed the Institute of Scriptology in California.

Handwriting analysis is classified as a clinical test and has been accepted in Europe for years as a means of determining personality.  A major percent of French businesses use handwriting analysis as a tool for hiring employees.  Some companies will not even consider an applicant who sends a typed resume or cover letter.

In the last 20 years handwriting has become accepted in the United States.  American companies are finding that handwriting analysis can be used to evaluate and place job applicants.  Many individuals have come to realize that handwriting analysis can be used to create better relationships between family members, or evaluate the personality of another individual before becoming emotionally involved.

Handwriting Analysis is based on science and observation.  It does not profess psychic insights or pretend to tell the future.  It merely assesses scientifically who you are now.