I have been in business since 1987 and have known Terry since 1998. Her personal and professional ethics are true assets, and she has always been very thorough, professional, and respectful. I have no doubt Terry would be a valuable resource to any individual or agency needing handwriting or questioned document services.
Mozelle Martin, FMHP, MPsyD
Terry Deck is A+ in her knowledge, experience, teaching style and passion for graphology (handwriting analysis).  I highly recommend her.
Carolyn Boutwell, Carolyn Boutwell Art
Terry Deck is professional, responsible, and experienced in both the handwriting field and real estate.  I took her Certified Handwriting Analysis class.  She is an excellent teacher.  Her course materials are very professional and detailed.  She spends as much time with each student as the student requires to fully understand and utilize the information.  My use of her profiling techniques has allowed me to better understand the personalities of buyers and sellers.
Judy McCutchin, Dallas Homes, ReMax Realtors
Terry Deck Shinabarger is an outstanding instructor who made my quest for Graphology a delight to learn.  I have had the pleasure of knowing her now for many years and she has not only been an invaluable resource for myself but also for my company.  As a highly regarded and skilled leader in her field, I strongly recommend Terry to other professionals or students considering Graphology as a profession.
Dana Heartman, CMCP, Executive Director, Foundation Coaching Group
I have known Terry Deck Shinabarger for 20+ years.  She is experienced in all areas of handwriting analysis and questioned document examination.  I highly recommend her services.
Karen Weinberg, QDE, Expert Handwriting Analysis Center, Albuquerque, NM