How I work:

  • I require the originals of the Questioned signatures and the known signatures should be close to the date of the questioned document.  Copies can be analyzed but are second choice.

  • Contact and send all of the documents to me along with the payment for services upon which we have agreed.  This guarantees a lack of perceived prejudice on my part.

I conduct examination(s) of forgeries and send a notarized opinion, with exhibits, ready for lawyer presentation to the court or enough exhibits to settle the case out.

It is important for a client to realize that only a lawyer or the judge can register me for court and require me to appear.  I don’t accept Pro Se.

Upon notification of the requirement for my appearance in court, an immediate non-refundable payment is due for the examination, preparation, and presentation of documents to the court.

NOTE: This payment is required whether or not I eventually appear in court.