Provides Forensic Handwriting Examination and Handwriting Identification Services for attorneys (plaintiff and defense), insurance companies, corporations, organizations, and victims of Altered Documents.

Anonymous Writing, or Forged Signature Issues on:

  • Wills and Related Documents

  • Bank Forms

  • Checks

  • Special Warranty, General Warranty, Quit Claim, Gift, and Trust Deeds

  • Mortgage & Lien Documents

  • Residential & Commercial Leases

  • Residential Seller/Buyer Contract Signatures

  • Threatening Notes

  • Prescriptions

  • Insurance (Annuity, Life, and Beneficiary) Change Forms

  • Signatures

  • Marriage, Divorce, Alimony and Child Custody Documents

  • Poison Pen Letters – Anonymously Written Notes

  • Medical Record Alterations

  • Cut and paste Signatures

  • Altered or Erased Signatures

  • Disguised  or Guided-Hand Signatures

For immediate assistance from a certified forensic handwriting examiner, contact Terry now at 865-518-9383.