Lizzie Borden

This sample is very interesting because it actually looks like a normal writing sample; however, the sample reveals several personality traits that could have proved less than loving for Lizzie’s father and step-mother.
Notice the far right slant of the writing indicating that Lizzie was very emotional  and could be impulsive.  The baseline is very straight (almost as if a ruler were used under the writing) indicating a person who does her best to be in control at all times.  As you can see, this creates a conflict in the ability to express emotion in an acceptable manner.
The “t” bars crossings are flung to the right (temper) and some end very sharply (sarcasm).  The “t” bars that completely cross the stem with heavy pressure show follow through and  determination.  Her “i”  dots are very far from the stem and slashed to the right showing that she is irritable with things outside her control.  The crossing on the “f” flowing back behind the stem and then moving forward again (sometimes forming a loop) shows persistence.
Lizzie Borden was a strong-willed, persistent, emotional woman who dreamed big dreams in a time when women were not allowed much freedom.  Did she kill her father and step-mother with an axe on August 4, 1892?  A jury of her peers said “no”.  Her handwriting however tells a different story.